AMERICAN SUPPLY GROUP was founded in the year 1999 to commercialize food products to various regions of the world.

Reacting to different market tendencies and the economic advantages each one of them offered, we began our import and export operations.

From our central offices located in Uruguay, we work with different countries such as: United States, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Peru, Haiti, and other countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

Currently our principal destination is the United States, where we export products exclusively from Uruguay, directly representing all of the main Uruguayan industries present in different sectors: cookies, crackers, pastas, yerba mate, condiments, spices and sweets.

To achieve a successful introduction of our products in the american market, we completed multiple studies which allowed us to adapt a few of our products to be sold in mass markets, and we introduced the rest of the items in their traditional format so that uruguayans and other buyers could purchase them in their original packaging.

From our central offices located in Montevideo - Uruguay, we coordinate all of the purchasing operations and the direct relationships with the different suppliers, as well as the export logistics.

In our offices in Miami - Florida, we have our own warehouse where we coordinate the import, sales and distribution of our products for all of the United States, as well as Central America and the Caribbean.

We also work with private brands to commercialize them directly and we develop white brands for third parties, complying with all of the prerequisites required by our clients.


ASG - AMERICAN SUPPLY GROUP is a company whose main objective is to give service to both our clients and our suppliers, completing all necessary operations so that our products reach their final destination in accordance with all of the requirements solicited by our clients.

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